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The sweet golden leaves of Trifecta's Blonde shisha tobacco is packed with flavor, and juicy enough for a very cloudy session. One of their most popular blends within the blonde series goes by the name "Twice The Ice - Original" and it takes cooling exhales to another level. If you're looking for some frostbite go ahead and try the "Twice The Ice -Extreme" and grab a warm blanket. This tobacco is categorized with modern shisha tobacco, and can be easily mixed with several other brands. The Blonde blend will arrive in a resealable metal tin with a 250 gram inner bag. Unlike their Dark Blend collection, this series is something we recommend for beginners to expert smokers, especially anyone looking for an ice cold peppermint session. 


*Apple 509 - Sweet green apple blend with a touch of anise
*BDS - Peach and melon blend
*Blue Strawberry - Candy like mix of blueberry and strawberry
*Bohemian Mix - Warm spice mix of clove, cardamom, and cinnamon with a faint hint of vanilla
*Bonafide - Banana mixed with subtle spices
*Cherry Berry - Sensational blend of candied cherry with hints of blueberry and raspberry
*Coconut Ginger - A very unique combination of creamy coconut and earthy ginger
*Cucumber Mojito - Two refreshing flavors packed into a smooth blend
*Huckleberry - Sweet yet tart blueberry, very true to fresh blueberries
*Iced Orange Mint - Zesty orange with a cold mint finish
*Lemon Mint - A classic flavor that's always a crowd pleaser. Sweet and tart lemon profile with a cooling mint undertone
*Mango Smoothie - Sweet tropical mango blended with creamy vanilla
*Mediterranean Mint - Traditional cold mint leaf with spearmint notes
*Melon Melange - Blended sweet melon with watermelon, cantaloupe, and honey dew
*Moro Zest - Zesty and tart blood orange
*Mountain Fog - Lemon-lime blend with a sweet twist
*Nawar - Floral fans rejoice! A truly spectacular blend of rose, lavendar, and jasmine
*P3 - Candied blend of fruit flavors with just the right touch of sour
*Peach Mint - Natural sweet peach with a cooling mint on the exhale
*Peppermint Shake - Creamy vanilla blended with candied peppermint
*Persian Melon - Sweet, juicy cantaloupe
*Pineapple Guava - A tropical roller coaster of flavor
*Pumpkin Somethin - Delicious spiced pumpkin with a touch of creamy vanilla
*Ruby - Eclectic blend of cherry, berries, and melon with a spicy yet cool cinnamon undertone
*Spiced Java - Warm coffee blend with unique spices
*TNT - Grapefruit, mango, and mint
*Twice The Ice Original - Ice cold mint guaranteed to chill your session
*Twice The Ice Extreme - It's the North Pole in smoke form
*Vanilla - Creamy vanilla, a delicious addition to any bowl
*Vertigo - Mouth watering melon blend with a cooling mint finish