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MIG, which stands for Made in Germany, are some of the heaviest, cleanest, and best machined hookahs in the world. Germany engineering taken to the tradition of hookah pipes is what this brand is about. Take a look at this collection and get ready to be amazed.
The MIG G36 comes with:
 1x Base MIG G36
- 1x Released hose MIG G36
- 1x connector hose MIG G36
- 1x Purging MIG G36
- 1x ball (9mm) MIG G36
- 1x Column MIG G36
- 1x Adapter Focus MIG G36
- 1x Ashtray 200mm MIG G36
- 1x Diver MIG G36
- 1x Vase MIG G36 "Clear"

Length: 53cm
Width: 23cm
Weight: 4KG

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